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About Clean Warrior


About The Company

As a competitive athlete and martial artist, from a family of athletes, that typically does several tough workouts a day and often times without immediate access to a shower, having an incredibly effective deodorant is really important.

Since I always watched what I ate and tried to put nutritious natural foods into my body, I started to look closer at the products that I put onto my body.  What I found in the antiperspirant that I was using was dangerous chemicals that even a chemist couldn't pronounce. Then I looked at conventional drugstore deodorants and found different yet equally dangerous substances.

The quest began to find the perfect, all natural deodorant without all of the harsh chemicals and aluminum found in commercially available deodorant and antiperspirants. However, I largely found the all natural deodorants to be highly ineffective and often needed to be reapplied several times a day in order to avoid smelling like a wildebeest.

At that point, I decided to formulate my own deodorant. After years of research and tinkering in my kitchen, I came up with an all natural deodorant that is incredibly effective for my busy and active lifestyle.

I call this Clean Warrior Products because it knocks out the funk!

I love it & I am sure that you will too.

About The Formula

Funk Fighter Formula

We have scented options that smell un-flipping-believable! They're powerful but not overwhelming & will make sure that you smell great. Our unscented formula is designed for people that wear cologne or perfume and don't want anything to clash with it. This option has powerful antibacterial Australian Tea Tree Oil to keep you smelling FRESH.