What makes Pit TKO Deo AWESOME?

Here's a few reasons why:

1. It's made with the highest quality natural ingredients like Tea Tree Oil & Shea Butter

2. There is NO aluminum, sulfates, GMO's, parabens, propylene glycol or anything else gross

3. This DEO uses Pure Essential Oils for their antibacterial, antimicrobrobial properties and their incredible smell

4. Pit TKO glides on smooth as silk for people with shaved pits or armpit afros

5. The effective ingredients 'fight the funk' all day and last through several tough workouts

6. PIT TKO Deo is the perfect solution for athletes, people with sensitive skin, pregnant or nursing moms or anyone that doesn't want to use chemicals that they can't pronounce

Our deodorants do not have any antiperspirants in them because sweating is healthy!

But, luckily you will not have any 'un-welcomed stank' that comes with sweating.

Stink free is the way to be!!!  


Pit TKO Deo LemonGrass

Pit TKO Deo LemonGrass