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How It Works

We refuse to lose to body odor.

Here’s how we fight it!


How does the 'Funk Fighting' in the products work?

Funk can occur when you exercise, you are really warm, nervous, anxious or under stress as a result of bacteria feasting on the sweat and producing a smelly waste. So the funk fighting battle to not smell is usually waged in one or more ways.

1. Conventional deodorants work by masking the smell with perfumed fragrances but not addressing the cause of the body odor.

2. Antiperspirants work by blocking your sweat glands and stopping you from sweating at all. That's not normal!

3. Really Effective Natural Deodorants like Clean Warrior work by using ingredients that kill the bacteria that cause funk.

4. Clean Warrior also uses essential oils like lemongrass oil to provide a nice light deodorizing scent. 

5. Clean Warrior has several natural ingredients that collect moisture better than a Olympic pool vacuum cleaner. Collecting moisture is a tough task that requires powerful desiccants to soak up wetness produced by superheroes and athletes.

The two major ingredients used by Clean warrior at stopping bad body odor are
Australian Tea Tree Oil and Zinc Oxide to kill the bacteria.

Natural deodorants that use lots of Tea Tree Oil and other natural antibacterial ingredients
incorporate the most effective method at killing odor causing bacteria.