Beard Grooming Tips

Beard Grooming Tips

----• Choose The Right Time •----

As in all things in life, choosing the right time to comb your beard can make the difference between ending up with a smashing looking beard or just a mediocre one.

The best time is after applying a moisturizer. Using a quality beard oil, such as KING Beard Oil, is the first step since this will give the hair some weight and it will be so much easier to untangle the knots which occur daily in our beard.

A proper moisturizing will prevent any pulling and breaking hair as you comb. 

Once you have applied the beard oil, the comb will slide through with ease and make the whole process pleasant and with great results.

The time to avoid combing would be soon after finishing the shower when the hair is still wet. 

Combing wet hair can lead to loss of hair and if you don´t have a thick growth, it will make the beard even less dense.

Also, avoid combing the beard after using the dryer. The same applies here as with the wet hair. 

While the hair is hot, the routes become weaker and any combing at that time would pull some hair from the routes.


----• Choosing The Right Tools For Your Beard •----

Some men might think that it´s fine to use an ordinary comb but nothing is further from reality.

The size and distance between the teeth of a comb should be appropriate to the size and density of your beard to get the best possible results.

A small beard with soft hair would not need much spacing between the teeth of the beard comb. 

On the contrary, if the beard hair is long and dense, you should not use a comb with very closed teeth.
The material that these combs are made of plays a key role. The beard hair generate lots of friction and produce static.

A cheap plastic comb will electrify beard and you will end up with a lot of stray hair.

Using natural material comb such as a Bamboo comb will stop any friction or static occurring.

--------------• Combing Your Beard •-------------

Combing the beard gently instead of going too fast will give you the best results.

You must avoid any aggressive combing or passing the comb very fast through the beard.

To get the best results, it has to be done slowly, untangling any knots that you may find.

It is important to comb from top to bottom and from side to the center. 

This way, you are also taming and educating your hair to grow in the desired direction

Jay McClinton